Monday, March 30, 2009

no need to cry though.

I kept myself solidly- EMO. i, without noticing it.
until jihan came to this blog and mention ANG EMO KO. i was just there, not surprised and muttered.. "oo nga noh."
i have been blankly BITTER. about the breakup.

and now i'll just stop. this is the last time i guess. i promise.

everytime he goes into me, ZAP! i sink. i kept sinking.

for 30 days, it had been that way. too sour. with or without tears.

God just kept giving me reasons not to cry or just feel alone. kahit yung mere moment to think of him (again) come on! wla tlga. ayaw ni God na malungkot ako. and i thank him for that.

im super close with him when im happy kasi. i dont pray when im sad. baliktad when it to compare with other people.

Last 2 Saturdays: last day of school.
everone's out. saturday night eh. everyone who's SOMEONE probably's out.
come on, im invited to 3 night outs.
i just dont have the money to make it sincei had been spending all week.
i gave everything for that friday. forgetting about SATURDAY.

and i dont feel like i am any someone to call. <-ang emo ko pa neto. okay?
so i was thinking of a saturday night alone (even my cousin was out eh. wla kong kasama sa room)
and just stay EMO-ish there.
jom puzon again was there to save me. drve me to his house. had daddy drinks (and finish the bottle) watch dvd and not pass out.
i had a good time really.
like being back to your status quo, your friends.
and it feels good when its them that ur trying to please, then you'd just have a BOOBOO but they'll all just laugh because they find it CUTE.
there i knew they are my real friends. and i dont really have to be a pleaser, its when im real that they see me. that they have me. :)

Last Friday: not a happy period.
according to my hs bestfriend, im on my worst when i have.
i was sluggish and all.
my cousin and i are having a date, and i have to take an okay-pill so the whole dysmenorrhea thing wont hurt anymore.
had kidflicks, had arcade, i was all kid-like
it felt good. it was all cute. :D
as we were walking home,the emoish. (again) thingy's coming back
andrew lover txted me, booze again.
im spoiled kid.(they came from andrew's pa, picked me up and went home again)
had jose cuervo, had games, had laughs, had tuna (!) had rest before passing out had a good snore.

i had soo many reasons to record. do i need to be sad? i dont. i am not now.
do i need to cry? LOL. what's the point of crying?

i passed the whole reminiscing-thingy. congrats to you aiwa.

so jihan. hindi na ko magpopost ng emo blog okay?
wla lang tlga kong masabi na maganda as of today kasi I FIND EVERYTHING BORING. tara beach :)

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Alex♥ said...

Tangna mu ka Aiwa. Wag ka na malungkot jan. Last na to ah. Gagu mu. Miss you!