Friday, June 26, 2009


cant just art be stuck with me like a virus? my nose's so runny. eew.
i really want to blog right now.

i hope my head gets clear. im having things to say; my head's a mess.

world's so unfair. just when ur making plans and looking for a far better present, the whole world stops and suck you stuck dead with past.

im having this. and it sucks. awfully. ver ver.

im a good girl.

and my drug-er friend's really lucky rich (he's like winning lottery every day)
i hope i couldve dare myself to do drugs or something, then i couldve been lucky, OR WATEVER soooo explaining again.

blog's not theraphy-ing me to this.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


i want to keep you. leche ka.

wag kang anti social.

nah. suit urself.

mahhunt din kita. stalker ako. professional by ass.


Saturday, June 6, 2009


aj: sige maliligo na ko para pag naglaro ako mabango me.
aiwa: sabay us*smiley*
aj: magbboxers ako para hindi mahalay.
aiwa: (?!) what the heck. pause. HAHA. halay pa. sabay lng naman d q snabing magkasama.
aj: malay ko bang di ka naliligo sa kalye.
aiwa: more (????) then gets it. nway ssbayan na kita sa ivory tub ko with jasmine bath bubbles and scented sandal wood candles <3>
aj: i could (verb word here sorry nkalmtan ko. like, uhhh, acquire?) a tub and baths.
aiwa: u cant. u dont even have a tub and afford it even the essentials. fail

okay. bnlog ko to kasi i think its fun. FUN DISSING/PISSING aj over sms exchanges. BOORING. i know. i had no effing energy to write my whole week to my planner (or slight diary-journal-ish so it wont sound cheesy. planner.) because it came out horrible.

ive wasted my money buying cigarette packs because i was always leaving one best named 'the wish stick" which never granted anything i hoped for all summer.
" A better summer. a good one" i planted my wish to burn.

im still indenial of the whole horrible stuffs. im making my self happily insane with sleeping on different homes everyday, dreaming of exes (stupid involuntary brain move) and 3 reading books at the same time.

though i had stopped taking sleeping drugs, the hallucinations stayed.
everything now went like a nightmare.