Wednesday, January 28, 2009

on intensity:

i proved myself i am happy. though incomplete. "if only he was..." were the words that my friends would tell me, being sorry for what's happening.
i never wanted this anyway, i dont think i lack something or had something that i forgot to give. i was in a complete blank paper as he started to write our love story; yes. i forgot everything for him.
yet i still feel like a total loser. things that i did before to "the exies" are coming back to me, just in a different way of kicking my butt off. i use to take them for granted, and then he did so too. i use to unmind them while they had their worries for me on shoulder. karma as they say, good or bad, will come to me even if i try to hide. goodthing my friends are still there. i cant say im lonely.
PRE-BROKE UP MODE. yes we're still together, just placing ourselves on juxtapose and spaces.
yet i manage to LAUGH, SMILE, KID and WRESTLE. may not be the best night but this one's better.
thankyou precious/es. [LOL]

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