Friday, January 30, 2009


...vulnerable. becaaaaaaaaaaaause. i am stupid. thinking i can handle the pain without 'the billy'. i cannot. i guess i can never, or maybe in time, not just now. it pains to see my self how LOW i dig my own grave just to be with him. the shame, the pranks, the everything including the pity with the kadiri feeling of being KAWAWA.
"gusto mo tlga si billy no?" -PANAMI
...inlove with him, ofcourse i do. and as it isnt easy for me to fall inlove, it wasnt easy to fall out too. its as if i breathe to be with him, cheesy; yes. but true. i guess i will always be in that way, as long as we are together.

"weh?! nanaman? so hnggang kelan naman nyan?" - macci and louie on telling them we broke up.

...stupid. i do not know. i stilll want him back. i still want him around even though that means another stupid days, another round of taunts and "loser" that wont have the need of posting right on my forehead because it's already damn OBVIOUS.

"inom ka na lang. makakalimutan mo ang sakit, pero it won't go away" -bitch #2, andrew apuya

Yes you are right andrew, kahit tulog kna at naghihilik sa likod ko.

midnight, iloveyou. change my love, rather, change billy, literally.

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