Monday, January 19, 2009


_im having the major headache called migraine. i had this since yesterday.
but im happy..

I'm living my life. :D

I'm having the best time of my days and living my beautiful life to the fullest. Quite guilty that I may not have this on the perfect state [like not having the my dean’s list dreams or having my complete attendance in my morbid, anti-social professor’s class] but I am loving what I'm having right now; it’s what matters most right? I'm having the most amusing SOCIAL life. My friend’s are the greatest. I'm now free with the one-best friend theme and chainless to hearing her sulk in insecurities like before. [you know what I mean, right?] I’m having more of my family life. I'm not having nonsense arguments with mom and petty fights with my sisters. I have the most wonderful retard boyfriend and though we don’t see each other much, [we live of the same building, though] I am pretty happy with him and his absence just make me fonder to meeting him every single day. I think I have my marketing class on a slow, but sure status; minus the deadly nosebleed-ing talks with my classmates.
But the best part of it, is that I just had my LUCK back. I miss it 2 to 3 years ago, I think.
I lost A LOT back then: it became my frustration. I was immature; I was angry over senseless things always. Now I had THEM back. I am in my highest state of happiness and I want to share it to people. Mediocrity calls that I still had my loss to people, but the hell, I deserve this kind of happiness and I don’t mind if I’d be having them back, or NOT. They don’t deserve having who I am today, I am in my conceited-not-but-proud self, better, and I have the people who love and like me. i do not hate you ,though. i still have my pride. and yes, you are welcome to come back to my life. it's your choice. make your way :D

Anyway, thanks to them, I found my real friends and my real BLISS.
I can be careless, clumsy, cheesy, retard self that I REALLY am. I don’t care about judgemental talks, gossips or whatsoever anymore. Having to care about them is a waste, and I'm holding on my time.
I still cry over things, it’s the part where I know I had been over-ly happy.
My heart just grew bigger.

[im posting pictures, no one knows my blog anyway, xcpt for few people..]

boi. im glad ur back. :D you make me more happy.

macci. imsohappy for having you. you made me happier. you gave me the key in finding real happiness. youre the bestest. i love having bolahans with you. its pure honesty. we need bonding. imahal you to the max. super.

beshy. i miss you. we'd be having our 2nd-year happy-max beshy day soon. iloveyou and i miss you. i wish for spending more days with you.
mom. iloveyou. having a boyfriend is not a sin. live your life happy. have no rants. no one is 'kawawa'. i am not. when i am, i pretend i am not. i am happy that i came from you. you are the perfectest mother i know.

to jojo, ces, jed and the rest. you are the bestest. i wish for more days with you. ILY.

to the cast of room 1C of my dear home Sta. Fina gay dorm. i am so happy i met you people. ilove our silly-ness we're having everytime. you are family. a crazy family.

i love you 'BESTIE' title. i love you more. you understand my every rants and out(but short)comings. i wish for more beer nights with you. you made my new year a blissful start. be healthy.

girlfriends. i miss you. i miss being a kid with you. most especially having hot gimik nights with you. you complete my college years. i cannot imagine myself if i ddnt meet you.

potpot you are very much loved. i am happy because you trust me. i am happy with your vain ego-centric self.

my band you are not vulnerable. we are just so busy. stay bein sync. iloveyous. expi. please stay out of smoke. rj, baby. i am lucky to have you. you are my everyday sunshine. please make me stop hating your kalat. jomel, you are very pogi. i'll be your girlfriend soon. no joke here. macci. you are very bright. ilove your compos. i read it on your blog. im excited.

macky. i miss and will miss very single second youre not with us. i am a fan of your blog and your lovestory. stay happy.

i miss you. i love your gm's though it kept my fone full. atleast you update me. no one can replace you.

no one can replace you either.our bond is more than friends. we're.. brothers? haha! :D

iloveyou. even though we fight a lot.i hope our bond gets better-est.

baby moi. i miss you. you're the best stress ball i ever had. all thats left for me are scars-that you made yourself. iloveyou. im excited the next time we'll meet. sorry. i love you.i will be your wife.imissyou.i wish for more happy days with you.

[im sorry if i dont have pictures of particular people im thankful of. like khan, ken-bobo, RHAI, pwet,babs and a lot more people. please upload. i loveyous.]

I'm so happy I can die.
But not yet. Haha :) make me have this bliss longer-or maybe forever?

"the greatest honor you can offer to God, is by living happy with his teaching." -sabi ni priest kanina

i love you Almighty Father. Thankyou for my beautiful life that i do not deserve. _
continue blessing these people. to bless them is my bliss.


macci said...

hindi ako nakapagpigil. BINASA KO DIN BLOG MO IMMEDIATELY.

gawd, we're happy. hahahaha.

aiwa said...

i knew it. haha, :)