Wednesday, April 22, 2009


sleep every 5am wakes every 3 to 4pm. im beginning to have an abnormal body clock.

this cant be happening.

not without nightlife.

im changing!

Monday, April 20, 2009

i hate you blogskins. fuck you again.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


luis azcona : nakahanap ka na ng van?
luis azcona : kelangan mo pa?
aiwa : ha?
luis azcona : diba naghahanap ka ng van for rent?
aiwa : ako? di ah
aiwa : kilala mo ba kung sino kausap mo? bka ibang aira lang yun tsong ^__^
luis azcona : HAHAHA! cge aaminin ko
luis azcona : di kita kilala
luis azcona : at di ko alam kung bakit ka nasa YM ko hanggang sa kinclick ko status mo
aiwa : baduy lui.
aiwa : ako kilala kita.
luis azcona : naalala ko na, ikaw ung kaibigan ni tiyano!
aiwa : oo sira.
luis azcona : hahahaha! sorry... lasing ako non
luis azcona : hahaha
aiwa : T__T okay.
luis azcona : seryoso? hindi ikaw ung naghahanap ng van?
luis azcona : sabi ko pa nga... "kilala mo makoy?":
aiwa : hindi.
aiwa : labo.
luis azcona : eh sino yon?!?!?!?!
luis azcona : hahaha
luis azcona : anyway... sorry
luis azcona : hahahaha
luis azcona : sabaw!
aiwa : abay malay ko
aiwa : SABAW MO gago..
aiwa : labo mo lui.
aiwa : suicide ka na lang.
aiwa : AHAHA!
luis azcona : grabe ka naman!
luis azcona : oo na! gets ko na
luis azcona : hindi ikaw yon!
luis azcona : hahaha!
aiwa : ahaha. joke lang
luis azcona : kelangan ko pa ba magsuicide para maconvince mo ako na hindi ka naghahanap ng van?!?!
luis azcona : hahaha
aiwa : HAHAHAHAHAH tama na nga nasasabaw na ko sayo. ge dude, bbye
aiwa : pplayplay muna ko
luis azcona : k bye. goodluck sa pgpplay mo. kung ano man yan. hahak bye. goodluck sa pgpplay mo. kung ano man yan. haha
aiwa : cabal
aiwa : para sayo tong stat ko
changes stat to: lui azconini sabaw
luis azcona : cabal?
luis azcona : wrong window?
luis azcona : ayon
luis azcona : nakita ko na
luis azcona : hahaha
aiwa : cabal. rpg thingy game
luis azcona : ahhhh...
luis azcona : sorry wala ako alam sa games
aiwa : AHAHA gay.
luis azcona : di azconini pangalan ko
luis azcona : hahaha
luis azcona : azcona lang
luis azcona : ginawa ko luisito azconini para italian!
aiwa : alam ko. bakit ba.
luis azcona : hahahaha
aiwa : gagu kilala nga kita.
aiwa : amp ka naman
aiwa : sige na. babayuuu
luis azcona : ikaw din kilala ko pero di ko alam apelyido mo okay?
luis azcona : haha
luis azcona : cge bye
luis azcona : gudluck sa cabal

lui azcona: owner of happy joey's studio and productions. band god (rather, fairy: jomel)'s buddy.
nirerespeto kita non. ngaun hindi na. HAHAHA :)) natatawa padin ako.
i have a new layout! :) wow. for 4 hours. not easy. still under construction ha. dont judge this yet.

YAY! i love you bloggie! your so black and pretty!

its 9am. i should really be sleeping now.

WANTED: 10 billion. any current of your liking.

i hate blogskins.

htmls suddenly became idiotic.

but however moreover

im actually pissed off as of the moment. but im cooling since im having a good coffee and ensaymada from goldilocks which panami bought.

i want to write something pretty and or interesting as of the same moment but my hands feel dirty weak. the 'tamad' feeling is now down to hands.

i think im growing lethargically backwards.

ooer. like benjamin button.

i hope i dont look aged, or maybe im 60+ (brad pitt loooks BETTER when he got 60+ right? he looks sooo highschool!)
...that cant be. im still a virgin. HAHAHA.

i dont have a laptop right now. it sucks.

now i have reason to read books. im always with the excuse of not reading (and re-reading) since ive learned to play rpgs and sleeping way nocturnals do.

i dont have a pc
my phone's dead (again, sorry folks)
im not taking summer class
im looking for a job
i will graduate not until 3 more years (if lucky)
and my constant buddy/roomate/cousin and i are having this gap.

now i feel miserable. yes.

im smiling.

im soo human. now i feel it again.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

something i lack:

and i really should be starting it.

but im too stubborn to listen to myself. gimik tonight at alchemy's. maybe il come. or maybe not. im just liking the homy feeling. plus its stress-free. (i hate waking up still wasted after night quests. plus hangover. bad day) AND. i want to feel this 'solitude' rather single-ness, boys free. WAOW. hindi ako malandi kill. =)YOU FUGLY FAT BITCH PRINCESS. you dont need a man.=)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

back to business guys.

HELLO CIRCLE. we meet again.

after the endless weeks of not having my mobile on hand, here i am again. at your service.

kala mo makakatakas ka na after telling us ur on the rpg thingy geeky freak? not so easy aiwa.

man this day is COMPLETELY full. was it me or just the few weeks are dry empty? haha. emo guy. i was awaken by the intercom telling me to get RJ's laptop on the hall. she left it dead the whole midnight. di man lang na scared na people might get hers diba? scary. i got up next to head to the t&b and ready myself for the spontaneous activity for the day: ENROLLMENT.
wearing my trusty unif and flippy cap (shades not included in scene. naiwan ko kasi somewhere. 4 ang shades ko to mind) i dared myself to walk on the nose-bleeding-heat-stroke-baskil-causing sunny streets of noval. ang nasa isip ko lang the whole time i was at the streets, eto:
sizzing hot potato. whoa.

or something like fries cooking deep fried. GANON. ang inet. super. last month lang i was brr-ing with airom at the streets and cutting class but was just outside because i cant keep my nose from not-falling inside our classroom. and today. ang inet. haha! yun lang. after everything (it means the 2 hour not-exhausting-if-the-weather's-pretty enrollment) i went home kagad. because i am waaay too afraid people might see me and MIGHT pull me off to somewhere again. weak ako. sasama ko kagad eh. basta may good food or BOOZE. or kahit yosi lang. haha. :) and SORRY. dahil my fone was out of charge, i am now again INVISIBLE.. not! andrew came not nearly 30 mins of my invisibility to walk me out to some place again. he treated me with coffee eh. pano ko tatanggi. (told you im weak) plus i miss andrew.
aiwa: (kaharap si andrew) sitting beside andrew and him 'pissing' her off to come and join them on swimming at mico's. andrew pano kong bgla kong sinuntok balls mo?
andrew: puputukin ko boobs mo.
OMG. naimagine ko. ang morbid. HAHA. natawa ko.
andrew: siguro si billy sinuntok mo na balls?
aiwa: wla sya nun. :
more more:

andrew: (as the not-so-past sort-of-exie pass by with the exie-exie lover)gulo sorry!
shaking. mouth shaking while puffing the yosi dude. hands shaking. cant look at me in the eyes.

aiwa: LOL.

laughtrip si andrew. the ZAP! thingy again. happens to everyone i guess. kahit sa pa macho, pa-I-AM-A-GUY, toughie cookie sort of guys. pag dumaan ang x mo at hindi ka pa over, it will happen. no matter how you try to deny it, and un-bitter move on you try, YOU WILL ZAP and shrink like a pig fat cooked deep fried. and yes. its normal. :) okay lang yan drew

pagkauwi ni andrew: rpg thingy na sana kaso...

rhai came. ayoko na magkwento. maloloka lang kayo.

night: rpg thingy na sana ulet kaso i promised panami to come with her sa st lukes. so there.

WHY?! why are you not letting me PLAY!? its not geeky really naman eh. people there are nice. *hug

ANDREW: i am SORRY. that i cannot go with you kanina. im not at ease with the karen-you-miko tandem or any likey. especially miko. especially that he knows the exie and i think he's looking at me like a loser or something for going for the exie. sorry. paranoid thingy again. SORRY NA ANDREW. babawi ako. iloveyew :)

MAIAH: bwahaha. ayan kasi. bad ka kasi kya di kita pinapansin.

RHAI: ..pfft.

KILL: nagonline ako today to write you something, nothing came out i guess. sorry. pero i did write for something to read. i do think its readable. i miss you! :)

malandi nga ata si smuchee.

sorry kill. maybe it really is true. malandi nga ata ako. haha!

eh i cant help it. kahit san kita tignan kamukha mo tlga yung ex ko. LAAAST thursday (or was it thursday) i was all worked up and dreadly dirty, knailangan kong lumabas ng dorm to buy some detergent powder of any sort. habit to kill me, syempre nagyosi muna ko saglit sa labas. (*expression here* like omigosh or wtf or maybe tangina--di ko kasi malabas eh) nakita ko si before the previous exie. GRABE. ang cute nya. and and and. ang bango nya gosh nahiya ako. tlga super. sort of kwentuhan and stuff (napayosi ako ulet okay.) and it bleeds how much i have wasted for billy the bastard exie. tas si gio the before previous exie is sobrang cute. okay, probably bastard din si gio kasi 9 months na sila ng gf nya as of this week (he said so) eh duh? 9 months? nagddate pa tayo nun eh bastard. pero the HELL. ang cute mo tlga. yuck may fetish pa ata ko sa lampayatot kasi ang skinny nya grabe. haha! and may pgka perv sya. WELL ATLEAST. sabi nga ni macci. atleast at ease kang guy sya. well. may point. may point. o ayan kill. para naman may mabasa ka. HAHA :))

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

facebook quizzes suck

but was rather true.

Aiwa completed the quiz "Boplaks ka ba sa pagibig?" with the result :

Your Result: Isa kang Boplaks!


Oo, Tanga ka lang talaga. Alam mo na nga na mali, Pinagpipilitan mo pa. Marami pa naman dyan pero dahil tanga ka nga ay sya na naging sentro ng solar system mo. Harap harapan ka ngang pinaglalaruan, nagtitiis tiisan ka pa. Magising ka nga katotohanan. Side dish ba talaga tingin nya sa iyo? Hindi ka nya pet para ganun-ganunin ka na lang ng mahal mo-- kung "mahal" pa ba ang nangyayari sa inyo. Goodluck na lang sa crying moments mo...LOL

hahaha. fuck yew.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

bala ka kill, magsusulat na ko. haha!

let the world be gay.

rhai on alchemy gimik last friday:

ay kabog bakla! may bilat sa malapit sa pinto nagapapasupsop ng bubang! di keri mars open na open! pero yung guy *sings* I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins nalaplap na ni tony bakla bago pa si bilat.

tawa ko ng tawa. klangan ko tlga to ipost. iloveyourhai! u make my life gay! :)

gay is not a bad word. isnt bad too though. msyado lang ako naapektuhan siguro sa ka-gay-han ng ex ko. hahahaha :)

the best place for living.

me. bebe. chat. panami

last 2 midnights: someone from the upper floor cant sleep daw kya she sat with me and rj while we were too busy playing our addiction than hearing her story. pero i did listen no. kahit konti naman. mejo di msyado lang kasi i was having my quest. haha. she was ranting about her superficial roomate. she doesnt like her daw kasi her roomate's bratty and bitchy yada yadda.
she even came asking us if we still have some space on our room. GRABE HA. di ko sya pagpapalit kay panami and chat. we are a family. though gossips and reklamos have been on us made by our very dearest dorm household. who cares? we are happy. as long as they are there, i can call this hall of gossip a HOME. and to think, she's talking about her roommie behind her back, pano pa kung ka room pa namin sya? no way sister. so sorry.
chat panami rj. iloveyou! happy face :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


tournament 1 : hard drinkers
The best fucking tournament will storm manila!
Managed by the "TAGAY DE DIABLO" team!
A team of drinkers, undefeated.Earning money by doing what they do best.
Drinking.Is opening for these categories:
*Hard Drinker*Beer Drinker*Mixed Drinker*Beer Bonger

for details and registration
ABBIE - 09266331979
NIKKI - 09279797206


cheers to us. lets all go to hell.


the girl on the center's my character, and the other two are other players i met at the game.
i was drunk the first time i played this. this is what boredom leads me to. pero i think its healthy, though so call unfortunate to my eyes. see. see. im not drinking everyday because of this. why am i sooo explaining? GRAAA.
so okay. when i first told bestie about the 'rpg' thingy, all he said was im beginning to lose the status quo and sink into the geek party. cme on. stay outside and drink? id rather wallow on my little hall and play with this game.

o look, here's what i got from playing:

1. i had been smoking less. like 3 to 8 sticks a day only
2. im sleeping more than 5 hours :)
3. im staying indoors. and having a healthy liver.
4. im eating less since im asleep the whole morning till afternoon. i wake up around 3pm and play continously (and since i cannot eat on midnight because of my curfew)
5. im not prone to cellphone radiation. (im barely texting)
6. im sleeping on my own bed (haha. hahaha. not on others bed or room or house)
7. im having virtual friends. (on the picture's my guild mates)
8. im spending more time with my lovely cousin, RJ.
9. and we are talking most of the time, so not to bore me.
10. im having less thoughts on problems *wink wink*
11. im hating the world less :)

im still thinking of other reasons yet... loading...

okay so im really dorky right now. PERO LOOK. im sooo having fun. parang game kasi sya sa psp that i have played before. please. dont judge me.

i still have my circle diba? DIBA CIRCLE BELONG PA DIN AKO!?
plus my virtual friends are really nice. hindi naman sila stalker mode.

magsisisi ako pag ganon. haha :)) kaya m not giving out my friendster.
BSTA. I LOVE THIS RP GAME. call me loser. id hate you. tae ka.

mr potato head. where are you???...

Friday, April 3, 2009


you blog more of yourself, youre selfish.
if you blog about the world, youre CORNY.
if you blog about other people, youre nosy.

if you think you are beautiful, you are self centered.
if you think youre not, then youre not confident.

if you dont speak out, youre no brainer AND you dont care.
if you do, then youre tactless and pakialamero.

just how do you fit in this bipolar world?


QUESTION: isang butil ka ng kanin, at kasama mo ang bilyon-billyong kanin sa rice bowl. after kumain ng bumili at nagluto sayo, ikaw lang ang natira magisa sa rice bowl. hindi ka nakain. ano mararamdaman mo?

RJ: uhm, wala. wala naman akong magagawa. tapos na eh.

wala akong pakialam kasi NFA rice lang sila lahat, ako, JASMINE! (?)
Me: eh pano nga kung itapon ka na?
Rhai: Edi emo na.
ah. ahaha. tangina. natawa ko. may sense? who cares?

Spyline: siyempre malulungkot.

sorry wla tlga kong mapost.
eto lang ata yung kahit papanong may sense na masshare ko.
i miss you blogging macci. i'll see u in puerto! :)