Sunday, April 5, 2009


the girl on the center's my character, and the other two are other players i met at the game.
i was drunk the first time i played this. this is what boredom leads me to. pero i think its healthy, though so call unfortunate to my eyes. see. see. im not drinking everyday because of this. why am i sooo explaining? GRAAA.
so okay. when i first told bestie about the 'rpg' thingy, all he said was im beginning to lose the status quo and sink into the geek party. cme on. stay outside and drink? id rather wallow on my little hall and play with this game.

o look, here's what i got from playing:

1. i had been smoking less. like 3 to 8 sticks a day only
2. im sleeping more than 5 hours :)
3. im staying indoors. and having a healthy liver.
4. im eating less since im asleep the whole morning till afternoon. i wake up around 3pm and play continously (and since i cannot eat on midnight because of my curfew)
5. im not prone to cellphone radiation. (im barely texting)
6. im sleeping on my own bed (haha. hahaha. not on others bed or room or house)
7. im having virtual friends. (on the picture's my guild mates)
8. im spending more time with my lovely cousin, RJ.
9. and we are talking most of the time, so not to bore me.
10. im having less thoughts on problems *wink wink*
11. im hating the world less :)

im still thinking of other reasons yet... loading...

okay so im really dorky right now. PERO LOOK. im sooo having fun. parang game kasi sya sa psp that i have played before. please. dont judge me.

i still have my circle diba? DIBA CIRCLE BELONG PA DIN AKO!?
plus my virtual friends are really nice. hindi naman sila stalker mode.

magsisisi ako pag ganon. haha :)) kaya m not giving out my friendster.
BSTA. I LOVE THIS RP GAME. call me loser. id hate you. tae ka.


pablo said...

pag ang lalaki nag-a-rpg baduy siya. pero pag ang babae nagrpg cool siya :)

aiwa said...

di nga???? weh ka.

pabloman said...

uhhhh. not exactly.

mas na-ca-classify lang siya to the "geek" society compared to gerls.

bastaaaaaaa. =)

coffeecupsformidnight said...

okay im not getting it. i dont consider myself being with the geek crowd kasi. so u see.