Sunday, April 19, 2009

but however moreover

im actually pissed off as of the moment. but im cooling since im having a good coffee and ensaymada from goldilocks which panami bought.

i want to write something pretty and or interesting as of the same moment but my hands feel dirty weak. the 'tamad' feeling is now down to hands.

i think im growing lethargically backwards.

ooer. like benjamin button.

i hope i dont look aged, or maybe im 60+ (brad pitt loooks BETTER when he got 60+ right? he looks sooo highschool!)
...that cant be. im still a virgin. HAHAHA.

i dont have a laptop right now. it sucks.

now i have reason to read books. im always with the excuse of not reading (and re-reading) since ive learned to play rpgs and sleeping way nocturnals do.

i dont have a pc
my phone's dead (again, sorry folks)
im not taking summer class
im looking for a job
i will graduate not until 3 more years (if lucky)
and my constant buddy/roomate/cousin and i are having this gap.

now i feel miserable. yes.

im smiling.

im soo human. now i feel it again.

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