Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the best place for living.

me. bebe. chat. panami

last 2 midnights: someone from the upper floor cant sleep daw kya she sat with me and rj while we were too busy playing our addiction than hearing her story. pero i did listen no. kahit konti naman. mejo di msyado lang kasi i was having my quest. haha. she was ranting about her superficial roomate. she doesnt like her daw kasi her roomate's bratty and bitchy yada yadda.
she even came asking us if we still have some space on our room. GRABE HA. di ko sya pagpapalit kay panami and chat. we are a family. though gossips and reklamos have been on us made by our very dearest dorm household. who cares? we are happy. as long as they are there, i can call this hall of gossip a HOME. and to think, she's talking about her roommie behind her back, pano pa kung ka room pa namin sya? no way sister. so sorry.
chat panami rj. iloveyou! happy face :)

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