Tuesday, April 14, 2009

back to business guys.

HELLO CIRCLE. we meet again.

after the endless weeks of not having my mobile on hand, here i am again. at your service.

kala mo makakatakas ka na after telling us ur on the rpg thingy geeky freak? not so easy aiwa.

man this day is COMPLETELY full. was it me or just the few weeks are dry empty? haha. emo guy. i was awaken by the intercom telling me to get RJ's laptop on the hall. she left it dead the whole midnight. di man lang na scared na people might get hers diba? scary. i got up next to head to the t&b and ready myself for the spontaneous activity for the day: ENROLLMENT.
wearing my trusty unif and flippy cap (shades not included in scene. naiwan ko kasi somewhere. 4 ang shades ko to mind) i dared myself to walk on the nose-bleeding-heat-stroke-baskil-causing sunny streets of noval. ang nasa isip ko lang the whole time i was at the streets, eto:
sizzing hot potato. whoa.

or something like fries cooking deep fried. GANON. ang inet. super. last month lang i was brr-ing with airom at the streets and cutting class but was just outside because i cant keep my nose from not-falling inside our classroom. and today. ang inet. haha! yun lang. after everything (it means the 2 hour not-exhausting-if-the-weather's-pretty enrollment) i went home kagad. because i am waaay too afraid people might see me and MIGHT pull me off to somewhere again. weak ako. sasama ko kagad eh. basta may good food or BOOZE. or kahit yosi lang. haha. :) and SORRY. dahil my fone was out of charge, i am now again INVISIBLE.. not! andrew came not nearly 30 mins of my invisibility to walk me out to some place again. he treated me with coffee eh. pano ko tatanggi. (told you im weak) plus i miss andrew.
aiwa: (kaharap si andrew) sitting beside andrew and him 'pissing' her off to come and join them on swimming at mico's. andrew pano kong bgla kong sinuntok balls mo?
andrew: puputukin ko boobs mo.
OMG. naimagine ko. ang morbid. HAHA. natawa ko.
andrew: siguro si billy sinuntok mo na balls?
aiwa: wla sya nun. :
more more:

andrew: (as the not-so-past sort-of-exie pass by with the exie-exie lover)gulo sorry!
shaking. mouth shaking while puffing the yosi dude. hands shaking. cant look at me in the eyes.

aiwa: LOL.

laughtrip si andrew. the ZAP! thingy again. happens to everyone i guess. kahit sa pa macho, pa-I-AM-A-GUY, toughie cookie sort of guys. pag dumaan ang x mo at hindi ka pa over, it will happen. no matter how you try to deny it, and un-bitter move on you try, YOU WILL ZAP and shrink like a pig fat cooked deep fried. and yes. its normal. :) okay lang yan drew

pagkauwi ni andrew: rpg thingy na sana kaso...

rhai came. ayoko na magkwento. maloloka lang kayo.

night: rpg thingy na sana ulet kaso i promised panami to come with her sa st lukes. so there.

WHY?! why are you not letting me PLAY!? its not geeky really naman eh. people there are nice. *hug

ANDREW: i am SORRY. that i cannot go with you kanina. im not at ease with the karen-you-miko tandem or any likey. especially miko. especially that he knows the exie and i think he's looking at me like a loser or something for going for the exie. sorry. paranoid thingy again. SORRY NA ANDREW. babawi ako. iloveyew :)

MAIAH: bwahaha. ayan kasi. bad ka kasi kya di kita pinapansin.

RHAI: ..pfft.

KILL: nagonline ako today to write you something, nothing came out i guess. sorry. pero i did write for something to read. i do think its readable. i miss you! :)

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