Saturday, August 30, 2008

blue alcohol. love is drug,

August 30: no coffee (again) blue margarita instead.

We got to temple 30 minutes before cut off, and when I got there, Nikki was at the gl table for the list and we were like “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH”
(shouting our heads off)
Retards. I miss being a retard-nikki-like. Fun.

Nota bene: Dedicated na ata kay billy tong blog na toh eh. Or maybe highlight lang tlga sya ng days ko. Retard. Still. But not nikki-wise. So thiswathappnd.

We were at the vip room, my friends and I are beginning to get bored, Hiya pa daw ako kumuha ng shot. Haha. and so I was texting lang.

Me: andito na ko, nikki and I wr shouting nung nagkita kami.
Bly: go have fun *smiley smiley* si yuniz lang pwede mamboys
Me: weh. Y?
Bly: because I said so.
Me: yd u say so?
Bly: wla lang.
Me: sus, sesegway pa. hnd naman ako naghahanap ng boys, and hve no intention do so.
Bly: bkt ano gsto mo sabihin ko

Tas I changed the topic. I was too scared to hear the ‘L word’ and not hear it the same, bka mapahiya ako eh.

Kainis ka tlga. Stop sending me mixed signals.

Nway back to Nikki’s party, we went down to dance our taxing life after a few shots. And honest to my words, hindi rin ako nag boy-scouting. Wala din eh. Haha, a few but they always have partners.
I saw Justy (nikki’s asshole exie) and kept flirting at me, like usual. Goodthing RHED was there, we made him look stupid. Whoo. LOSER.

We danced till my feet curse vanity. (ang harot harot!) then we went upstairs, for ‘more in nikki’s celeb-ration’, to sum it all, we had a nice cheesy birthday-sing-song-and-candle-blowing-cake for her, then end up playing icings on our face, we had a toast and broke A LOT of shot glasses and bottles. FUN FUN.

Few fun fun moments, nikki left and when I saw her again, she’s like ‘go talk to Adrian, tell him..’ yadda yadda yadda.
Okay. So I play BFF again. Miss saving Nikki’s ass. Love.

Everybody just had their eyes to this crappy mid-20’s group of wild girls that looked just like your YAYA. Yes. Your brown skinned-probincia-beauty yayas dancing at the center of the d.floor, and screaming at the DJ just to say she’s cool. MOFO. Everyone’s just hating every minute of it. And btw, if ever you saw us smiling, we’re not being nice, we’re trying TO BE nice just as we are polite.
OMG. Im eval. No way.
But yeah, they’re such pretend-ish, social-climber-ish whoever.
And everyone just hates you the same.

Before home:
(the stupid doors to nica’s were still locked)
Game daw sabi ni bestie.
Came up with two stories, then we would choose which one’s fake and real, and they were always right guessing mine. Im not a real bitch-liar. YEY.

He txted! OMG. Hindi ako makasend! OMG OMG.

afternoon friday. jealous coffee cups.

August 29th

Super stupid-ah me. I was late for class and because of the previous midnight-daydreaming post, hindi ko nagawa yung addesign ko. Ugh. So instead of the legendary ‘becbec-sermon’ I took off an hour before dismissal ( I came 2 hours before dismissal narin, or later. Bsta mlapit na din magdismis.) and spent it outside with macci, josep, and luisita.

Billy came and sat with us, tas macci was all about rob, shoot. I forgot to tell her about the billy-madness-ish im having. Whatever. Go macci. Make him jealous.

Supeeeeeer tagal ko mag ayos. Im to go to Nikki’s party at Temple with Yuniz and Jojo.2 hours ko lang naman pinaghintay bestfriend ko. Wow. Haha

Friday, August 29, 2008

no coffee for the midnight of August 29th.

i had coffee for dinner upstairs again, and like usual, im with bacteria and our cigs.
i guess midnight's have to miss us for a while.

August 29th. 0112h
No midnight rooftop sessions tonight, no smoke-while-reading, no midnight coffee cups-but maybe later I will, I guess. The night is new, no one knows. My idle head won’t move for me, or at least for my ad design plate. listening to some of my band’s inspiration over itunes, yes naman, Sadie. Haha. Kamukha pa ni yuniza haha. My stupid hands won’t move for me. Please naman. I need to draw. Wala kasi akong inspiration eh. (tulog na si billy, and wala na kong unli) Boo. I’m having visions, no, im midnight daydreaming. Billy will drop me to Macci’s place this Saturday kasi. He said he really would. I know it may sound soooo cheesy, pero kinikilig talaga ko. I’m waiting again for our next UBE (ultimatebongingexperience) A nice comfy talk, and then we would end up kissing.
Ugh. Kadiri. Bat ba ko ganto.
Im so abnormal. Retard.
I love you Billy. And I hate you the same.

Billybunnypoochie, don’t believe the last one. It’s a bluff.

Im letting my guards off again. Ready na ulit ako masaktan.

August 29th 0121h

This is not about Billy anymore. Si **** Si HD (hidden desire)
Namimiss ko na. sana gumaling na siya, may sakit eh.
Sabi ni macci cute daw siya, well I have great taste kasi *wink wink

Dalian mo. Save me from Billy. :D

August 29th 0129h
Billy’s sending mixed signals. He’s jealous (when I told him about ***), he’s being extra nice, he paid for my lunch kanina, he’s doing me favors, and he’ll drop me to Macci’s this Saturday. Ano ba talaga, I know him enough, and all these extra efforts are same back when we were still together. Ano ba. :(

Sabi ni bestie, iba daw talaga. Eh hindi eh, wala na talaga, asa lang talaga ko.
And ayoko na. ayoko na nga ba. Isa pa ko eh. Ang gulo ko din. Bahala na.

Mali yung first blog. Ayoko masaktan. I’ve been stupid enough to hope more after 2 years of waiting. No way.

Imitate alpha-females. I am a goddess. I know no fear.

Wushu. Talkshit.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


nope, im not chris brown, and please forgive me for this disclaim.

hindi ko na yata kaya. naiinis na ako. andami dami kong kailangang gawin. hindi naman ako super hero. i can multi-task, right, but it doesn’t mean i can do everything and do it just wherever, whenever. if you think i can, then just kill me instead. i need to be a full-time student and part-time organizer cum staff for my band and production. it really is not easy. hindi ako petiks, excuse me. i attend to then just same. kung hindi man ako functional like they want me to be, siguro kasi i need to attend to something better than them: studies, ofcourse. or maybe kasi hindi nagsisireply lahat ng kailangan kong contact. i swear. lalo na si jomel. i need him for a better studio and other production for the band, and contacts for the production. hindi talaga siya nagrereply. kainis. and now, andaming demands pa ng production leader/vocalist ko. boss naman. sorry na. wala na nga kong time mag lovelife. o sige na, lahat kayo boyfriend ko na. mas priority ko na nga kayo kaysa sa lovelife ko. And money, tae. SUUUPER sa pinaka super. super hirap ng walang weekly allowance. hello ma? please mag abroad ka na ulit. i need it until next year. hello SLR. hanggang sa store window lang yata kita matatanaw. hello sa org. hindi na ko makakapagpasa ng article. hello and goodbye. good bye career. goodbye high paying job. hello callcenter. family pa, magkakaaway ang mga kapatid ko including my mom. so, eto full time ulit. can’t tell mom this and that. she’s vulnerable, she’s on her menopausal time. breathe. breathe. need to be their human-telephone, they won’t talk, kahit na inches lang ang lapit nila. and as for spiritual obligations, hindi ako makacomplete ng week ng Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mass sa dami ng ginagawa. so much for my vigil. goodbye saintly dream. hello hell. hindi ko na din mapasaya sina girly, jenjen and more by feeding them every after sunday mass. last time ang saya pa nila sa lechon kawali na binili ko, tas ulam ko gulay lang. at P113 ang nagastos ko, ambigat. but seeing them happy is priceless. it’s worth it. pero ngayon wla na. i can’t even buy them a cheap bottled soda. ayoko ng ganito. naiinis talaga ko. SUPER STRESS. wala naman akong super powers para gawin lahat to, hindi ko naman kayang hindi matulog, magawa sila ng sabay-sabay at makapagfunction ng perfect. sorry if i can’t meet your demands. tao lang naman ako. sorry. sorry.
perfectionist ako right, but still i stay with my mediocre life.

first midnight coffee :)

Roof top. Again. Midnight. Again. Me and Aina. Again. Smoking and radio music. Again. But only with Panantskie (bacteria) reading for midterms (Read: Reading. Not studying.) and me typing things (first was my reaction paper of the film Life is Beautiful then this). Boredom led us here, later rooftop-moments-cum-chill-so-to-acads will become a habit. I finished the paper, did the superhuman entrée, then spilled my thoughts here.

Besh day na pala. Happy besh day beshee!

Pucci. You make me so kilig. Stop it.