Saturday, August 30, 2008

blue alcohol. love is drug,

August 30: no coffee (again) blue margarita instead.

We got to temple 30 minutes before cut off, and when I got there, Nikki was at the gl table for the list and we were like “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH”
(shouting our heads off)
Retards. I miss being a retard-nikki-like. Fun.

Nota bene: Dedicated na ata kay billy tong blog na toh eh. Or maybe highlight lang tlga sya ng days ko. Retard. Still. But not nikki-wise. So thiswathappnd.

We were at the vip room, my friends and I are beginning to get bored, Hiya pa daw ako kumuha ng shot. Haha. and so I was texting lang.

Me: andito na ko, nikki and I wr shouting nung nagkita kami.
Bly: go have fun *smiley smiley* si yuniz lang pwede mamboys
Me: weh. Y?
Bly: because I said so.
Me: yd u say so?
Bly: wla lang.
Me: sus, sesegway pa. hnd naman ako naghahanap ng boys, and hve no intention do so.
Bly: bkt ano gsto mo sabihin ko

Tas I changed the topic. I was too scared to hear the ‘L word’ and not hear it the same, bka mapahiya ako eh.

Kainis ka tlga. Stop sending me mixed signals.

Nway back to Nikki’s party, we went down to dance our taxing life after a few shots. And honest to my words, hindi rin ako nag boy-scouting. Wala din eh. Haha, a few but they always have partners.
I saw Justy (nikki’s asshole exie) and kept flirting at me, like usual. Goodthing RHED was there, we made him look stupid. Whoo. LOSER.

We danced till my feet curse vanity. (ang harot harot!) then we went upstairs, for ‘more in nikki’s celeb-ration’, to sum it all, we had a nice cheesy birthday-sing-song-and-candle-blowing-cake for her, then end up playing icings on our face, we had a toast and broke A LOT of shot glasses and bottles. FUN FUN.

Few fun fun moments, nikki left and when I saw her again, she’s like ‘go talk to Adrian, tell him..’ yadda yadda yadda.
Okay. So I play BFF again. Miss saving Nikki’s ass. Love.

Everybody just had their eyes to this crappy mid-20’s group of wild girls that looked just like your YAYA. Yes. Your brown skinned-probincia-beauty yayas dancing at the center of the d.floor, and screaming at the DJ just to say she’s cool. MOFO. Everyone’s just hating every minute of it. And btw, if ever you saw us smiling, we’re not being nice, we’re trying TO BE nice just as we are polite.
OMG. Im eval. No way.
But yeah, they’re such pretend-ish, social-climber-ish whoever.
And everyone just hates you the same.

Before home:
(the stupid doors to nica’s were still locked)
Game daw sabi ni bestie.
Came up with two stories, then we would choose which one’s fake and real, and they were always right guessing mine. Im not a real bitch-liar. YEY.

He txted! OMG. Hindi ako makasend! OMG OMG.

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