Saturday, August 30, 2008

afternoon friday. jealous coffee cups.

August 29th

Super stupid-ah me. I was late for class and because of the previous midnight-daydreaming post, hindi ko nagawa yung addesign ko. Ugh. So instead of the legendary ‘becbec-sermon’ I took off an hour before dismissal ( I came 2 hours before dismissal narin, or later. Bsta mlapit na din magdismis.) and spent it outside with macci, josep, and luisita.

Billy came and sat with us, tas macci was all about rob, shoot. I forgot to tell her about the billy-madness-ish im having. Whatever. Go macci. Make him jealous.

Supeeeeeer tagal ko mag ayos. Im to go to Nikki’s party at Temple with Yuniz and Jojo.2 hours ko lang naman pinaghintay bestfriend ko. Wow. Haha


macci said...

yeheey! napaselos natin cia! yeheey! huwahahah!

blog leave ako.. pero di sa ibang blogs.


aiwa said...

super selos. haha. may something na ata ulit samin ngaun. bsta. labo. next post na un. :)