Monday, November 10, 2008

last two months. august.september.

Aug 31 midnight

Due to ultimate soberness, sadness and all the mix of literal emotions, I began to trip and tip-sy. My head hardly dare swallow emotionless exceptions. It was my entire lethargic mind that blew me. it started to talk, and it spoke with my thumb.
So it began to question things all of a sudden.

Typing things that my heart would not even dare to say.

I began asking why the sudden change, his being sweet, and all corny stuffs

He said excuses and such but I was too pushy for straight answers.

i blew him by recalling our past summer what-do-you-want-to-call-it. It was a shame I know.

I guess he wasn’t ready for this.

He remembered, after all.
He said sorry, but I was too proud.

It ended with a bitter goodnight.
He did not spoke after my last sentence.
I went home defeated.
Minsan gaga tlga ko. SORRY NA. ETO NA TTXT NA KITA.
i had to have him back.
first dont be too pushy.
second dont block your happiness.
Did I not only found solace, but difference. I had to bring back my smile.
I had to bring him back.
And I did :)
September 1:

rarr. Hope he’s not mad. Ang hirap pa naman neto ligawan

iloveyou :)

September 2:

Hangout till next summer years.
I like the feeling.
i. truly :)
but with guilt. His id fell in the barely-closed-enough-to-post-harm canal while waiting his ride home.
But all thanks to the said sitch. He said the L word for the first time!
Well not really. It was the B word. Haha. Shortcut ng L word
Pero it’s the same. Kinilig padin me ♥
Falling ids are made for iloveyous.
Let ids rain.

September 3:

My bunny’s homeless. Kicked out from our home because of her silly habit of going out and spilling her last Monday’s snack from her tummy. BAD BUNNY.
Poochilab ♥

September 4:

AAARGH. RED BUTTONS on. I can barely move. Good thing we didn’t have classes. He went to me after class. We had dinner.
And finally said iloveyou.

I melted. Im like a sick candle.
An overgrown sick candle made out of cheese ball.
Ugh. I so sound cheese.

Our supposed 2nd year anniversary.
Octoberfest is on.

I was waiting for his classes to end at the rooftop, our school building visible. I began thinking about how would I propose to him.
It sheared the whole kilig out of me.
Nakakahiya tuloy.
It would be here with big neon signs of can you be mine written in waray
(neon: for the night, waray: for extra cheese-ish factor)
He was downstairs (agad) after my night day dreaming.
Octoberfest sucks.
It was the shit.

That’s all. :)

He said iloveyou one time too many. Goodthing I still have myself solid.
I thought id all be liquefied, but I did melt.

Confusion: he said we’d stay as the September 5-ers that we are. Wah.
Ano ng meron. Tayo na? yehes. Di pa noh. Lul.

September 6: LQ number 1:
We met after class to eat somewhere or I don’t know. We just had to go somewhere.
I was puyat that I ddnt have the mood to do anything else. I just have to sleep.
I waited for his childish antics flushed. Till jang saw me and saw us together.
mini tampuhan after.

i love it when you hold my hand. seesh

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