Monday, November 17, 2008

stalker ka.

haha. sorry for the title.

ang blog na ito ay para po kay pabs.


this blog is for my formal reply-cum-feedback to his'.


ayan. sorry.

hnd sa iddnt mean anything, well i did. pero im too stupid to forget that u might have took it the wrong way. i thought people would be too unsensitive as i am.

and if i do sometimes, it would have been me, clearing and seeking for the lost pieces that i need.

and i found it in you.


i cant return what you did.

somebody owns me.

im sorry if ive been selfish


i know i act too... uhm, kaw na lang maglagay ng word mo dito
i cant find my words.

yun lang.

and goodluck.



macci said...

ngaun ko lng nabasa blog mo! unga noh! dami ko namiss as in ah!

aiwa said...

hay nako macci. HAHA. parteh kasi ng parteh