Thursday, September 11, 2008


september 11

call me loser. im sorry, i have been hastly lazy these past few days, skipped a week (or maybe two) of my every day- supposed blog. im not busy, well not quite true, i spent MOST of my time outside with HIM (ofcourse) excluding my best friends, family, my dream works and to my guilt, GOD.

sorry talaga. i have waited for this moment to happen for the past two years, and now its happening, i felt like im blinding my self and putting on it TOO MUCH.

am i?

sabi nga ni Gian:
"tinamaan ka lang talaga. pero wag mo naman ibibigay lahat. isipin mo parin
sarili mo."

which ofcourse never happened. why?
"isipin mo parin sarili mo"
like this. im thinking about ME too much. about my happiness that neglects all others.

bat nga ba? why can't i juggle them altogether?
am i being selfish?

back then i was always and the usual takbuhan whenever they are in need or worse, in trouble.
i multi-task, schedule and reschedule,plan, do and so on, yet i feel restless thus empty.

now im happy, but not complete. i wasnt yet contented of what im doing.

im always too lazy or too busy for others.

im starting to feel like im gyrating on him alone with nothing else to need.

im sorry. :(

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