Sunday, May 17, 2009


YAY IM BORED! [got this from macci. FUN EH!]

Ten things you wish you could SAY (don't tell us who it is)
1. You forgot about the dreams we made since we learned how to have one. but what the heck, all i can do now is to accept things. goodluck with that. i still have your back no matter what.i do love you. i love you more than anyone else i guess :)
2. I love you. I wish i could spell it to you more often. i do not know why i sometimes feel like i dont. (-_-)
3. One hell of a bullshit you are. just go and run to your deary now since you cant keep the words you have had me. I wont help you find the shoes you want now. and i wont listen to your rants. i had enough.
4. IM SORRY. i dont know why solitude felt so good that mobiles makes me sick.
5. I miss you more than ever. and i want you back. the heck, i cant i know you dont want me na e. and i need my pride and my sane self i guess but i want to go home to you. oh deary i sound so cheesy i wish i can say this to you.
6. Sometimes i dont get you. Oh well, everyone's have their pretty weird self. but i want to know you more :) our talks arent enough
7. YOURE MY STAR! you make me perfectest afternoon AND save me from insanity and thinking imaturely deep everynight. iloveyou :) adopt me please
8. EEE. im so curious i want to know you really. can i keep you? :)
9. Im sorry if im confused or whatever right now. please dont hate me. i just need to clear myself and have coffee with you. er. please sing for me.
10. YOU! BABASAGIN KO BALLS MO! [you know who you are. iloveyou :)]
Nine things about YOURSELF:
1. I eat alot and throw up alot
2. I have an abnormal body clock
3. Im numb. i think
4. Im inlove with morrocan mint tea lattes
5. Im a chain smoker
6. I love bananas and hates it the same. (i cant chichi eh)
7. I now love atozzio im loving the slow rnbs :)
8. Im trying to be Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. TRYYYYIIIINg SOOOO HARD.
9. I cant remember
Eight ways to WIN your heart:
1. Have me a good convo. {i dont need bolas though} but dont be good enough to make you my KUYA.
2. Dont flirt back when i do until i say i love you.
3. Dont stalk me.
4. Bring me somewhere. i want dates that includes roadtripping ala GTA :P
5. Spoil me though im telling u not to [its a bluff]
6. Let me spoil you the same. and appreciate it. AND PAKIPOT-ish appreciation pla.
7. NEVER EVER stop me from doing things.
8. Be hard to get. makes me fall everyday eh.
Seven things that cross your mind a lot through the day:
1. honestly? OMG i need to level this thingy first before bebe wakes up (HAHA i know you dont get it)
2. will i eat?
3. i will do this that...
4. but my lethargic body's not moving oh no. zzzz
5. i smoke too much. and im smoking again.
6. omg i miss you. why?
7. where's my fone again?
Six little STUPID things you want to happen to you before you die:
1. say goodbyes
2. go to church and have the longest prayer. not stupid pero i want eh!
3. EAT LIKE CRAZY. the diet had stopped me from eating good food.
4. YOU.I will kiss you very passionately that will make you kneel at me. HAHA!
5. BE WITH EVERYONE. ah no this is not stupid. MAKE EVERYONE PLEASE ME. haha
6. burn beato. >:D
Five turn offs:
1. talks too loud, too much
4. smokes too much
5. faker.[or i think]
Four turn ons:
1. i know how to have fun. aha aha.
2. im good with ukays! [new talent]
3. I uplift pretty well. ^__^
4. im sweet! [i think]
Three smiles that describe your life:
1. :D
3. ';...;' or >:D
Two things you wish you never did:
1. Fell in love too much
2. learn how to smoke
One confession
I do loser-ish things now because IM BORED!!! atleast im good *wink wink*

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