Friday, May 8, 2009

its 6 and a half in the morning and i havent had any sleep yet.fuck you wifi. bumukas ka.

im currently filling my heavy head with jivvy no feel good songs since lulling songs tend to make me emo than any better.

it kinda makes me up when i think i need to dine on a hefty dosage of sleeping pills and die with it.

im guessing that im carrying my heaviest cross since the latter ones. prolly im enjoying solitude and online games and had them my smiles :)

but i sucks that it adds up to my problems since its happiness package includes zits with it. [i have a big one right now at the most awkward place of my face]
yes. a pimple is still a problem. im still a girl. ikr.

i think i really need to see some psychiatrist or attend counseling before i get worse.
me prefer suicide than having to murder someone else than me though.
i now have this super talent of staring at the computer for 24 hours. congratulations.

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