Saturday, August 1, 2009

love. oh love.

Platonic Love

*not sexual
*doing thing together
*not physical
*enjoy each other's company
*feel relaxed with the person
*helping the person
*normal behavior
*feel free to talk about anything
*being reliable

(re posted from pudi's blog.)

platonic love is best described by you and your male bestfriend's bond, which is often called slang of "walang malisya".

but how do you differ it from PSEUDORELATIONSHIP?
napaisip ako first time i recieved a (sour) quote-notice text spreading in and out of the metro

Pseudo means SPURIOUS, SHAM simply not genuine:
false + relationship is equal to so what we called....
pseudo-relationship. Pseudo boyfriends, girlfriends, flings, fake, pirated. Other called it M.U. or mutual understanding. Almost like a relationship but not quite. It is phase where the persons involved are more than friends, but not quite lovers. It is also possible that you both had a verbal agreement or maybe not. One or both of you may have admitted your feelings to either one of you. Maybe you just let your gesture do the talking. There is no formal courtship or what so ever, both of you just decided to be together for the same reasons. You both acted like as if it was a real thing. But sometimes the pseudo-relationship may turn into a reality.-noel of

more exciting than a fling
more demanding than casual dating
but always always less fullfilling.

PSEUDO means false.
therefore, its a false relationship

favored by those who always settles for the less future-concentrated people.

flavored by those who have suicidal tendencies. (HAHA)

sometimes, its just mere expectations.
the other part may be:
a.) playing
b.) a pussy (SCARED. tangina. torpe)
c.) too nice.
d.) gay.

its bitter when it ends, for those who expected, or those who found themselves settling.

very human. man are made to put on affection, but its holy when others chose to put their head on first before stepping and doing things to make it right.

also some are stupid enough to actually go for it.It seems a pretty desperate move to have to accept it

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hahaha natawa na lang ako hehe... we need to talk about something duday. textext =)