Monday, February 2, 2009


with the funny-coincidence of its likeness with the movie, yes i think i just lost my luck.

things are getting better-but i am on my worst.

i finished eveything for LTS-but KEN led me to PNOV gate which made all my efforts "SAYANG". the bus left me minutes after i stepped on UST

i finalized my designs for the fashion show but my male model with all his unreasonable antics, wasted my time for nothing.

and lastly, when i just had the time for everything, and my loads are getting light, i am happy with my life with everything that i lost-came back, is when i realized i lost my boyfriend and i cant seem to move on.

i was just having my "habilins" if ever id die because of my too-real-to-be-happy-January, then i just came losing things when im not ready enough.

i guess God, really still have no plans of taking me after all.

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